Adding custom ringtones

To assign a specific ringtone to a contact manually, follow the steps below:

1. Add the audio to the list of your ringtones:  Recordings, one click on the drop-down menu, Set as a ringtone.
2. Open  Contacts.3. Select the contact.
4. Hit the  Menu button.
5. Depending on the model of your device, select Options or Edit. If your menu has a specific Set Ringtone, go to the step #7. 
6. Locate your ringtone and select it
7. Select the ringtone, tap on it and then press OK on the lower right-hand side of the window.

  • When clicking on ringtones, your device may ask you to choose the source: the actual device or a ringtone editor if you previously downloaded one. Choose the device.
  • If you added a song to your ringtones folder earlier, you will see it in the list of the ringtones.

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